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June 2015

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Audiovisual Preservation (Online)

Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Audiovisual materials come in many formats and can be found throughout our collections. They may be audio recordings of oral histories on reel to reel tape, VHS cassettes with sound and images from campus plays, or a video tape from your local public television station for which you never had a play back machine. Regardless of format, what all analog audiovisual media have in common is that they are depend on format specific players and they are aging. The United States’ National Recording Preservation Plan Sound Study published in late 2012 stated that “many analog audio recordings must be digitized within the next 15 to 20 years—before sound carrier degradation and the challenges of acquiring and maintaining playback equipment make the success of these efforts too expensive or unattainable.”

This class is not about digitization of audiovisual materials, but about care and handling concerns of the physical media. Care that allows for institutions to make strategic decisions to allocate resources and to get ready for a digitization program down the line. 

Location: Online

Speaker: Alix Bentrud, Preservation Services Librarian, LYRASIS

Time: 6/11/2015, 2-4PM ET

Fee: $75 Members / $100 Non-Members