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October 2014

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Educational Opportunities 

    • Constructing book supports at a CCAHA workshop

RAP organizations offer training and educational programs for professional collections managers. Topics range from environmental monitoring and disaster planning and mitigation, to housekeeping for historic houses and preserving electronic records. Please click on an event for more details.

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Exhibition for Cultural Collections (Philadelphia, PA)

Presented By: The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: Is it possible to create quality exhibitions with practically no budget? This workshop will cover strategies for planning, designing, and…

Caring for Family Scrapbooks (Cleveland, Ohio)

Presented By: ICA – Art Conservation

Description: The family scrapbook. We all have one lurking in the closet just waiting for a little TLC. This informational session will offer guidance on how…

Establishing Emergency Response Networks for Cultural Collections (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Disasters big and small can affect buildings and the collections they hold at any time. In the crucial first hours, you shouldn’t have to worry…

Managing Oversized Materials: Care, Handling and Preservation of Posters, Maps, and Other Large Pages in Our Collections (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Architectural drawings, large maps, big works of art on paper, can be fascinating treasures in our collections but can also cause frustrations. How do we transport…

Preserving Your Family Photographs (Online)

Presented By: NEDCC

Description: Many of us have collections of treasured photographs of significant events, ancestors, or bygone historical eras - images which create a record of who we are…

Protecting Collections: Disaster Prevention, Planning, & Response (Part I, Harrisburg, PA)


Presented By: Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: One of the most important steps any cultural institution can take to safeguard its collections is to be prepared in…

Assimilating AV into Archival Processing (Online)

 Presented By: NEDCC

Description: Audiovisual collections have often been handled separately from traditional archival processing; unusual formats and sometimes unrecognizable content were too unwieldy for traditional catalogue records or finding…

Focus on Collections Care Full-Day Workshops (Tempe, AZ)

Presented By:  Balboa Art Conservation Center

Description:  Four topics: 1. Care of Collections: Paper; 2. Preservation: Policies, Plans, and Procedures; 3. Care of Collections: Metal Objects; 4. Disaster Recovery…

Meant to Last? Preserving the Modern & Contemporary (Philadelphia, PA)


Presented By: Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have introduced a bewildering array of new materials, used to design a broad range…

Metadata for Digitization and Preservation (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Metadata is a fundamental element of any digitization project. This class is designed for catalogers and non-catalogers who are planning for access and preservation of digital…

Grant Writing for Digitization and Preservation Projects (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: This four-hour class, which will be offered online in two-hour increments for two successive days, focuses on preparing for and writing grants for digitization and/or preservation…

Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Institutions (Allentown, PA)


Presented By: Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: Learn how to eradicate pests and keep your collections pest-free without resorting to dangerous chemicals.  This workshop will cover…

Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Institutions (York, PA)


Presented By: Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: Learn how to eradicate pests and keep your collections pest-free without resorting to dangerous chemicals.  This workshop will cover…

Caring for Recorded Sound Collections (Online)

 Presented By: NEDCC

Description: The breadth and depth of recorded sound collections can pose special challenges for collectors and cultural heritage institutions. This webinar will introduce the key concepts of…

Preserving Your Digital Life (Online)

Presented By: NEDCC

Description: This webinar will offer guidance and strategies for preserving  your digital life.  Most of  us have looked through a family scrapbook, or perhaps perused an author's papers…

Focusing on Photographs: Identification and Preservation (Providence, RI)

Presented By: The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Description: Historical records of people and places, fine art photographs, family snapshots, and corresponding negatives are in the collections of…

Protecting Your Collections Against Pests (Online)

 Presented By: NEDCC

Description: This webinar will cover the best practices for protecting against pest infestation and  what to do if a problem with pests is identified. The common types of…

Preservation of Photographic Materials (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: Photographic materials present significant preservation concerns in cultural heritage collections. They are often heavily used and are fragile and susceptible to damage due to improper handling…

Introducing IRENE: Digitizing Historic Audio (Online)

Presented By: NEDCC

Description: In 2013, NEDCC was awarded a $250,000 National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to develop, test, and demonstrate a new digital reformatting…

Introduction to Preservation Metadata (Online)

 Presented By: LYRASIS

Description: This class introduces preservation metadata as the information you need to know to preserve digital assets over the long term. It reviews the background and context…